In Most Cases Your Cancer Immunotherapy Will Fail. What Can You Do About It?

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In Most Cases, Your Cancer Immunotherapy Will Fail.
What Can You Do About It?

       Immunotherapy has been one of the greatest advances in cancer treatments in human history, but it still fails the majority of the time. The current FDA-approved immunotherapies are dependent on your immune system recognizing cancer and wanting to attack it.  Unfortunately, this situation is present only in the minority of cancer cases.  Sadly, in the current state, immunotherapy will fail far more than it succeeds, especially when we are relating it to a potential cure. 

        Certainly newer techniques, such as injection of a combination of immunotherapy agents into tumors, show great promise to overcome this issue limiting immunotherapy success. But what can patients do if they do no have those therapies available to them?  There are numerous off-label FDA-approved medications and natural supplements that may increase the chance of success with immunotherapy. One essential foundation of immunotherapy success is having the right bacteria in your intestines. This can determine the success or failure of immunotherapy.  Though the microbiome alone is not the only controlling factor, there may be things you can do to enhance the bacteria and maximize the potential for success.  Hold on! Before you run out and buy probiotics, know that some of those may actually make the situation worse. 

       Most studies are pointing to a high-fiber diet as being one of the best things that you can do to improve your microbiome.  In future blogs and videos, I will discuss even more things that may help your microbiome to be enhanced for immunotherapy.  So we have briefly touched on the microbiome, but what other things can be done to maximize your response to immunotherapy?  Surprisingly, simple medications like aspirin may further enhance the chances for success from immunotherapy. There are two different FDA-approved blood pressure medications that may enhance your immune response. One from decreasing immune-suppressing aspects of stress, the other by decreasing an immune-suppressing substance produced by the tumor and its surrounding tissues.  Furthermore, there are two different FDA-approved diabetic medications that have the potential to enhance the function of immunotherapy. 

       Please stay tuned to my blog and videos to learn more specifics on things that you can do, with the help of your doctor, to make the most of these exciting immunotherapy treatments for cancer.  Also, my upcoming book will have extensive details on these, which can help anyone with cancer, especially those being treated with immunotherapy. 

       Always remember to discuss any of these potential treatments with your doctor first before starting, to make sure they are right for you.

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